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Kyoto Inferno, Reaction to

I'm sneaking in for one short post.

Stupidly enough, I forgot to take a photo with the Kenshin Poster when we watched Kyoto Inferno. And that was because I kept wondering who the guy was, in the closing sequence of the movie.

Of course I was not stupid enough to ask this aloud amidst my Kenshin-fanatic friends. So I wallowed in my ignorance and pride.

Several hours later, I convinced my best friend to ask her boyfriend who he thinks that guy was. And not tell him I asked because he's going to laugh at me so hard next time he sees me. Aaaand I'm really just proud like that. Apparently it's Seijuro Hiko, Kenshin's master.

Where is the freaking cape!?

I would have known it was him right away if he had that! (Excuses self, excuses...)

I must say, I really have great respect to the cast and crew of this series of movies. There was love of the craft and of the story. It helps perhaps that most of the actors were Kenshin fans themselves. Satoh-san, for instance, is a self-proclaimed great fan of the character he portrays. There were several scenes altered but it wasn't drastic. And you could see why they did it. Or your love for Kenshin and your gratitude to this people who brought Kenshin to the moviehouse makes you understand and accept these changes.

The fireflies in the Goodbye Kaoru scene! I loved the drama of that in the anime! But I do understand it's pretty hard to do that. BUT. That LOVELY opening sequence! If they can do that, why can't they do the fireflies!? But I must rave on the opening sequence. It was epic! There really was no Saito vs Shishio, or Shishio recruiting Saito in the anime, but it's fine. Fine because the f*cking sequence and set was just pure epicness.
I hate the translators for translating 'kendo' to 'fencing' and 'Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu' to 'Heaven-high-something'! They should have watched the fan-subbed anime episodes. And Kenshin fans know what kendo is so no need to translate it to, Shishio kill me, fencing! And Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu needs no translation either. Any self-respecting Kenshin fan knows that.

So back to the epicness of the movie. I loved the Kenshin vs Chou fight in the shrine. And the pun of Kenshin walking in the center of the Torii gate to the shrine. In Shinto, the center line from Torii gate and the main walkway to the main shrine is the pass of Gods. It's for Kami-sama. The point? Kenshin IS a Kami-sama. :)) I loved how the movie was a Japanese movie. The culture is there. It is culturally-relevant. It makes the experience richer. That's why Hollywood should leave the live-action movies for anime(s) to the Japanese.

One of my favorite fights though is Aoshi and Okina. I mean Tanaka is an old man! And the sequence of their fight is marvelous. Just pure marvel. It's beautiful. You could see and feel the dedication of the actors. And Tsuchiya's reaction was golden. No words. No tears. Just facial expression. Just the eyes. That is an actress! With the sound of thunder in the background.

Hmmmm, the night of Kyoto Inferno. I understood why Saito and Kenshin had to be there. And why the Purgatory have to still be there in Legend Ends. Hell, that was another epic prop! That ships deserves the name Purgatory! I rolled my eyes at Sojiro kidnapping Kaoru but it was alright because there was Kenshin The Samurai in 'shining' Hakama riding a horse! Sweeeet visuals!

One of my friends noted that she found Ryunosuke Kamiki (Sojiro's actor) creepy because he keeps smiling. Which we all said is exactly the point. That's why one should always be careful of blurting out things like that in the middle of a fanatic crowd, they can be needlessly brutal in a friendly way. Heh. Another said they should have casted a younger actor since Sojiro is young. But I said, that poor younger actor that would have been casted might develop a personality problem (I was exaggerating) if he plays Sojiro at such a young age. Sojiro's past is cruel and his character is very heavy.

In the end, I just wished I realized right away that it was Hiko...

Happy Birthday Gin!

September 10.

I haven't finished anything of late. I haven't written and published any fanfic since forever. But today my muse is up again, quite early too. Writing that GinRan fic I'm writing for myself.

Then my phone alarms and the screen said "Ichimaru Gin's Birthday".

(Because my birthday calendar alarms includes my favorite characters and ships birthdays)

Ah, so that's why. That's where the inspiration is coming from.

Otanjoubi omedetto gozaimasu Gin!

There's many things to say I suppose but I have this fic to wallow on and to escape to. A way to see you and Rangiku again. Your love and her's had been my greatest escape and comfort, inspiring me enough that I began writing. (because angst is just so much comforting for me).

For now, in your next lifetime, I wish you a better life and a happier story with Ran.
Day 5: Who's scarier? Izumi or Hawkeye? Why?

Olivier Armstrong!!!

That woman is just soooooo scary.

Izumi has a mother-like tendency which makes her tender and caring at times.
Hawkeye is in love with Mustang. Love does many things.
Armstrong though is a woman of steel. Iron Wall of Briggs. Ice Queen.

Seriously! Even the men of Fullmetal Alchemist cowers at the sight of this woman.
Day 4- Did you read the manga? What did you think?

You should really not ask me this question. The last time somebody asked me this, I went on hours-long raving...

Did I read the manga? Yes. I've read them so many times.

What did I think? It was EPIC. Duh. It's my favorite manga.

I should leave it at that... for now at least. Answering this question will take forever, and I don't have forever right now. I'll go edit this post one day, when I have more time, and I will rave at how epic the manga is.

Seriously, Arakawa Hiromu is one of my favorite authors, alongside Charles Dickens.
Day 3: Your favorite character

Roy Mustang

I'm tempted to keep the answer to just his name. It's hardly surprising. Mustang was such a character. But the depth of this man's character makes me want to keep writing even if the prospect of articulating this daunts me.

Roy Mustang is just wow. I mean. He's sexy, ambitious, clever and handsome. He's a manipulative bastard. He's an accomplished strategist. But above all, he was a very principled man. There very few characters in manga that had retained their principles and beliefs after they got winded up in the quest for power.

Mustang's patriotism is one of his greatest magnet, for me. The other character that I admired in the strength of his principles and patriotism is Himura Kenshin. Unlike Kenshin though, Mustang was not aiming to do his self-appointed duty to his country and his people by staying the shadows. Mustang was determined to get to the top of the military power and wield that power to change the country. In a way, Mustang's idea is naive. I admire him so much but sometimes I think of how naive that idea is. There're bound to be very, very, very, very few people who would manage to get there and not get drunk in their power. But Mustang's refusal to abandon his men in battle, his refusal to abandon Havoc, made me believe that this man will get there and will get his thing done. And he also have Riza beside him. She will not let him get drunk in his power. So maybe, yes, Mustang can.

I love the cunning of Mustang's character. A true general. He's a very brilliant and clever strategist. He even set-up his own public image as a huge cover up for his strategies. He does not care of what people think of him. The only people who care about what other people think of them are the people who do not know who they are. I can go on raving on Mustang's intelligence, but really, the only way one will ever understand if he/she sees him in action. Fullmetal Alchemist is one big and long series of character analysis. Simply epic.

I also love how Arakawa-sensei maintained the humanity of Mustang's character. His grief on losing Hughes, his "protectiveness" of the Elric brothers, his moments of "weakness" when Riza is involved, his raging thirst for revenge (on Hughes' murderer) - they made him human. Vulnerable. Fragile. Weak. Roy Mustang is not the strongest character in the series, in terms of mental strength. I think he is second to Olivier Armstrong, because really, who will argue with that? But Roy Mustang was strong. He was perhaps, the series' deadliest alchemist. He was called a monster. And yet, Mustang was the one who said, that on fighting monsters like homunculus and chimera, he understands how human he is, how weak...and how strong.

Mustang made errors. Several of his strategies hit him back, hard, like boomerang. He made monumental mistakes. He did things he regrets every day of his life. But none of these deterred him. They only fueled him. And yet, even as you see him go on, move on, go forward, you also see that the scars and memories of his mistakes haunt him, tortures him. It makes you sympathize with him.
But he stood up again. He built his plans from the ruins of his mistakes. He was weak several times but he never gave up, no matter how impossible and improbable his goals were. This seems to be a central theme in the manga - intelligence and talent leading to arrogance and pride, then a monumental mistake followed by atonement, and pursuing of dream/goal.

Really, I can go on. Literally like forever. Mustang is the other half of Urahara in my pedestal. They are my most favorite characters of all manga. I seriously will not run out of things to say about either of them. But I think I made my point. Enough. Let me move on.
Day 2: What was the first episode you saw of the series? What were your thoughts then?

For Fullmetal Alchemist, as in the first anime, I don't really remember anymore. I didn't even finish that one. I was disappointed because it deviated too much from the manga, and I personally think the depth of the manga is magnanimous enough. Besides, that's my favorite manga, therefore it goes without saying (but I'm saying it anyway) that I love it's storyline. I understand, and saw, that the first anime had its merits, but it wasn't just for me.

For Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, well, the first episode I saw was the first episode.
My first thoughts were, "Wow! The opening song is by Yui!!! I'm gonna like this! The animation looks really good too!"
Then, "Roy Mustang's voice is sweet, smooth sexiness! *a moment of silence* It is Miki Shinichiro!!! I'm seriously gonna love this!"
Then the nagging thoughts were, "I hope they will not mess it up the way the first anime did..."
Day 1: How were you exposed to the phenomenon that is Fullmetal Alchemist?

I'll take it this means Fullmetal Alchemist the manga.

I feel so proud to say that I found it by myself! Hooraaaaay!

I scout manga when I'm bored. And when I was in college I get bored so often. I was phenomenal in seeking boredom when I should be really busy. Now I realize that college-busy is not really busy-busy, which explains why I could discover manga then when I'm busy.

Anyway, this panel hooked me to this manga.

Nerd and geek as it sounds, it was home to me.

Anime/Manga Challenges

Surprisingly, or not, I have a habit of doing challenges when I'm so busy I can't even read my manga(s). As I get older, I figure I'll make more of these lists, so might as well put the masterlists in one place.



30-Day Challenge: Prince of Tennis

30-Day Challenge: Fullmetal Alchemist
It is so very sad how time really does come when you can't read your manga. Because you are just too busy with life and apparent responsibilities. Oh sh*t. Growing up sucks.

So, I'll settle to reminiscing. At least this, I only have to think back.

Day 7- Did you see Conqueror of Shambala? Your thoughts?
Day 8- Your favorite antagonist
Day 9- Your thoughts on the first anime
Day 10- Barry the Chopper: love him or hate him?
Day 11- Your favorite fight
Day 12- Your all-time favorite line(s)
Day 13- Would you ever take the risk and do human transmutation?
Day 14- Which artistic style did you prefer? The first anime or the manga/Brotherhood?
Day 15- Your favorite animal/chimera character
Day 16- Do you have a favorite episode and/or manga chapter? Why?
Day 17- Do you have a favorite ship or crack pairing?
Day 18- Your thoughts on Brotherhood
Day 19- What is your overall favorite moment in the series?
Day 20- Your favorite anime OP/end
Day 21- Do you think Maes Hughes is an adorable and loving father or just creepy?
Day 22- Your opinion on the anime: raw or dubbed?
Day 23- Do you have a favorite Elric brother? Why or why not?
Day 24- Do you have any opinions of the OST? What are they?
Day 25- Roy Mustang: What do you think?
Day 26- Has the series impacted your life in any way? How?
Day 27- What attracted you to the series overall?
Day 28- You know someone is an FMA fan when…
Day 29- What did you think of the series' end?
Day 30- What do you think happens to the characters after the series ended for good?

Review? Naruto 678

Sh*t. Sorry Team 7, I fell under the spell of the Mugen Tsukuyomi too.

This is soooooooooooooooooooooo thumbs up!

Ignore Ino. (Sorry Ino fans. Sorry!)

--- Warning: Huge fangirl moment coming up! ---

I'm posting this for the middle panel! Holy Madara! Will ShikaTema ever be more canon than canon?! Shikamaru's dream included Temari! Why do I even sound surprised?! Along with his dad and mom, Asuma and Kurenai. Really. Go get married now Shikamaru! Temari! You're not puzzling anyone my dear Konoha genius. Let me rant on just because I really, really want to!

Well, what? The tsukuyomi-induced dreams are fanservice anyway. Might as well indulge. I just got lucky one of my fandoms is Kishimoto-sensei's fandom too. Is that Shikamaru's genius way of telling Temari that he wants to marry her? And is that Temari's strategic way of saying yes? It is. Shikamaru looks up to both his dad and Asuma, and maybe reels a bit on how both these men married the women that complimented their personality, understood them and also loved them as much as they loved them. Geez, that's one confusing sentence. Sorry world.


I know that Kishimoto-sensei had long clarified that he is not going to write Shikamaru in a full-blown romance meaning Shikamaru will not marry Temari (I am absolutely sure Kishi meant Temari) in canon. That's why we fans, despite our fandom being the closest to canon there is, have to resort to fanfiction. I also just learned that canon is spelled canon with a single n. Bleh to my past posts. Nevertheless.

Oh stop this self.

--- Fangirl moment over ---

Chouji, if I ever get caught in Mugen Tsukuyomi for real, my dream will be similar to yours.

For this panel, don't ignore anyone. Hehehe. Sheesh, Tsunade, your dream is not even the pedestal you are in right now. Your dream is for Dan to be Hokage, for your brother and bestfriend to be alive. Note by the way, Tsunade-sama's dream includes Orochimaru. Broken friendships... From the Hokage, let's go to the Kazekage. Gaara's dream is for his family to together and happy. I wish Kishimoto-sensei showed Temari's dream too. Hihi! As if ShikaTema can't get any more obvious than obvious.

Well, that is saying something huh. The Kages dreams don't even include the power they now wield. I don't think it is wrong, or selfish, or evil to dream of power. Minato did, Kushina did, Naruto does, Kiba does, and Sasuke said he does too. Dumbledore once said to Harry Potter that the cloak of power is best worn by those who do not yearn for it. Something like that. These Kages are personification of the word 'leader'. I suppose that says something, that explains why they bore the name Kage, aware and sensitive to the responsibilities that goes with the name. They are the leaders I wish we have in our measly little real world. People who leads, who takes their people not where they want but where they need to be. People who cares about the people they lead. That would exist in something like this Mugen Tsukuyomi.

I'm starting to see Madara's logic. It's a lie. Naruto is right. But sometimes, when the world is spread out in all its darkness, it is tempting.

Anyhow, I'm posting the next panel because I love both Gaara and Naruto. Sorry, this fangirl grew up without siblings, and though Gaara have siblings, he hardly considered them siblings until he was older.

Gaara's dream was a better childhood. I wonder how Naruto got there though. Suna is a bit far for a kid to run to just because he wanted to play with a friend. Though if your dad is the Yellow Flash, that might not be the biggest problem.

Heh! Hinata's dream included her cousin and sister spying on her. That was just funny. How many, I mean just how many fanfictions were written with that scene? I guess Kishimoto-sensei reads fanfictions after all.

Kiba is the only one who dreamed of being Hokage though it seems centered on declaring holidays more than power plays... I think I'll like Kiba as Hokage after all.

Shino, ever the nerd, dreams of finding a new species. The joy of intellectual conquest. Characters like you Shino led me astray. You never told me there's more frustration in this pursuit than frustrations.

Seriously Sasuke. That Uchiha-superior-than-thee attitude is annoying. One thing is never gonna change. You're just as stuck up idiot as you've always been.

What, you're smarter than Kakashi now?! Kakashi may no longer be Sharingan Kakashi but he's still way battle-smarter than your ass! You don't talk to Kakashi-sensei like that you brat! I'm going to skin you alive, you little obnoxious Uchiha brat! I'm not scared of that Sharingan-Rinnegan sh*t eyes of yours! Be a little respectful even if I know you are incapable of! You wouldn't know that chidori of yours without Kakashi you big headed little brat! You. You shut up Sasuke!!! You don't talk to Kakashi like that!!! I'm gonna flay you alive!!!


Yo, Kishimoto. You've never let Kakashi finish off an enemy, you mangaka. Now you let his student talk him down!? I know the Uchiha is your favorite son and all but there got to be a little limit to that too obvious favoritism!

I hate you Sasuke! Bleh.

Let's end with this. It seems Kishimoto-sensei still have aces up his sleeves.

And sheesh, he just got the oldest legend of his favorite clan betrayed. How sweet~~~


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